About PRChicks

PRChicks is a boutique lifestyle PR consultancy run by Sophie Cross (aka Sophie Martin) and Belinda Andrade, and helped by other experienced PR, marketing and design consultants as required.  While Belinda beavers away in sunny Sydney, Sophie slaves away in leafy Surrey, England, working for clients in both Australia and the UK.

What we do

In short, we provide a flexible, one-stop PR and events service without the overheads of a traditional agency.

PRChicks specialises in products and services related to the female consumer: fashion, beauty, health and fitness, homewares and interiors, food and drink, child care/parenting and much more.

We have chosen to work in an area that directly influences our lives and in which we therefore have a genuine interest.

We have a huge amount of experience in other areas and occasionally work outside of our fluffy bubble, but in the main we stick to what we know. It’s fun and rewarding and we’re good at it, because we know chicks!

How we work

The principal PRChicks are Sophie Cross and Belinda Andrade. We have worked with each other since 2002 and have 35 years PR experience between us, latterly specialising in female-centric consumer/lifestyle brands, but with a bit of sports, finance, B2B and healthcare pr thrown in for good measure!

We have a number of associate freelance PR consultants, design and events specialists as additional resources should the need arise. All of these consultants are highly experienced in their own field and work on their own business as well as with us. We can work both independently and as a team depending on the size of client/project and support each other by providing a back up contact for clients and media for holidays and sick leave. So one of us is always on hand.

With Sophie based in London, we offer our clients a 24/7 service. While they’re sleeping in Sydney, Sophie’s working away in the UK!  Sophie’s location is also very useful for clients with European/UK interests.

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