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The winners of the MyFaceMyBody Awards 2015 are…

The MyFaceMyBody Awards was held at the Hilton Sydney on Saturday night  (November 28th) to celebrate the best of the Australian and New Zealand aesthetics industry.

The awards are the only consumer event for this particularly industry and have been run to great success in the UK for many years. This was the first year they’ve been held in Australia.

Hosted and founded by  Stephen Handisides – grooming expert and owner of the beauty and cosmeceuticals web community,, and staged by The Production House Events, the event was attended by over 250 of the top aesthetics industry  consultants and beauty media and saw 21 awards for best products and practices in Australia & New Zealand.


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A special thank you to Gold Sponsor Syneron Candela and also to Silver Sponsors, Advanced Cosmeceuticals, Advanced Skin Technology, Alphaeon, and Direct Hair Implantation. 

Thank you to all MyFaceMyBody Awards entrants and congratulations to the many winners and highly commended entries.


Cosmeceutical Range of the Year

Winner: Ultraceuticals

Joint Highly Commended: Advanced Skin Technology – ASPECT, and Jan Marini – Distributed by JMSR Australia

Best Anti Ageing Product or Treatment

Winner: Advanced Skin Technology – SOCIETE TRIPLE C

Highly Commended: Syneron Candela – Complete Facial Rejuvenation using the eTwo

Best Skin Tightening Product or Treatment

Winner: Advanced Skin Technology – ASPECT Retinol Brulee


Highly Commended: Advanced Cosmeceuticals – LUTRONIC ® INFINI™

Best Body Reshaping Treatment

Winner: Lumenis Australia – CoolSculpting®

Highly Commended: Cutera – truSculpt

Best Plastic Surgery Product or Device

Winner: Advanced Cosmeceuticals – LUTRONIC® HEALITE II™
Highly Commended: Allergan – NATRELLE®

Most Innovative Product or Service

Winner: High Tech Laser – MonaLisa Touch


Highly Commended: Dermocosmetica – Retriderm® Vitamin A Serums
Best Customer Service by a Manufacturer or Supplier

Winner: Syneron Candela

Highly Commended: Ultraceuticals Pty LTD


Best Aesthetic Blogger

Winner: Plastic Surgery Hub
Highly Commended: Dr Naomi

Best Practice Website

Winner: Flawless Rejuvenation Skin Clinic
Highly Commended: Dr Naomi

Best Plastic Surgery PracticeWinner: Dr Michael Miroshnik – Plastic & Cosmetic Surgeon

Highly Commended: Hunter Plastic Surgery
Best Aesthetic Practice – VIC

Winner: Flawless Rejuvenation Skin Clinic
Highly Commended: Australian Skin Face Body

Best Aesthetic Practice – NSW

Winner: Dr Michael Miroshnik – Plastic & Cosmetic Surgeon
Highly Commended: Austin Clinic

Best Aesthetic Practice – QLD

Winner: Esteem Medi Spa
Highly Commended: The Layt Clinic
Best Aesthetic Practice – ACT
Winner: The CAPS Clinic
Highly Commended: Dr Tony Tonks

Best Aesthetic Practice – SA / WA / NT

Winner: The Skin Clinic Fremantle
Highly Commended: Advanced Body Image & Spa Lotus

Best Aesthetic Practice – TAS

Winner: Launceston Plastic and Cosmetic Surgery Unit
Highly Commended: Sanctum Medical Aesthetics

Best Aesthetic Practice – NZ

Winner: The Face Place MedSpa
Highly Commended: Caci

Best Aesthetic Practice Overall

Winner: Dr Michael Miroshnik
Highly Commended: Flawless Rejuvenation Skin Clinic

Best Customer Service

Winner: Dr Michael Miroshnik
Highly Commended: Hunter Plastic Surgery

Best Practice Team

Winner: Hunter Plastic Surgery
Highly Commended: Dr Michael Miroshnik – Plastic & Cosmetic Surgeon

Best Practice Manager

Winner: Dr Naomi
Highly Commended: The CAPS Clinic

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Keeping the ‘tache? Here’s how to nurture it…

We’re almost at the end of Movember, so how many of you newly hirsute men have grown accustomed to your moustaches and want to carry on nurturing them?

Moustaches are IN in a big way, but if you’re not confident in your moustache-wearing or moustache-grooming ability, then Stephen Handisides, male grooming expert and founder of has some tips on how to grow the perfect ‘tache.

If, like many men, you find it hard to actually grow a decent moustache, here are some tips that may (or may not) help!

  1. Daily massage of the moustache area – helps blood flow to those all-important follicles
  2. Allegedly eggs, sardines, liver and onions and chili con carne apparently contain nutrients to make your hair grow…no harm in trying
  3. Use a good moustache oil or even just olive or jojoba oil to ensure both your hair and skin is moisturized
  4. Style with a beard trimmer – don’t try with a normal shaver… you’ll regret it!
  5. Use moustache wax to keep your ‘tache tidy all day long!
  6. Use toothbrush and boot polish or your girlfriend’s mascara or black eyebrow pencil to lightly brush some tiny lines. This gives your ‘tache the appearance of being more bushy and fills in any gaps!
  7. Hair transplant surgery… yes, it’s a thing and yes you can! If your moustache just doesn’t want to grow, have a look at the options at


Official Moustache styles

While there are many more types than these, the World Beard and Moustache Championships 2007 had six sub-categories for moustaches. Which is the best for you?

  1. Dalí – narrow, long points bent or curved steeply upward; areas past the corner of the mouth must be shaved. Artificial styling aids needed. Named after Salvador Dalí.
  2. English moustache – narrow, beginning at the middle of the upper lip the whiskers are very long and pulled to the side, slightly curled; the ends are pointed slightly upward; areas past the corner of the mouth usually shaved. Artificial styling may be needed.
  3. Freestyle – All moustaches that do not match other classes. The hairs are allowed to start growing from up to a maximum of 1.5 cm beyond the end of the upper lip. Aids are allowed.
  4. Hungarian – Big and bushy, beginning from the middle of the upper lip and pulled to the side. The hairs are allowed to start growing from up to a maximum of 1.5 cm beyond the end of the upper lip.
  5. Imperial – whiskers growing from both the upper lip and cheeks, curled upward (distinct from the royale, or impériale)
  6. Natural – Moustache may be styled without aids.

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Colours for a healthy glow: Nourish your skin from the inside out!

Originally posted on Naturally Beautiful:

Did you know that the colours in fruit and veggies represent different antioxidants?

Antioxidants can be identified in food by their colour and these colourful molecules work to protect your body from the chemicals produced during oxidation, lifting the colour of your skin and giving a beautiful glow! So try eating a variety of colours in each meal – the more antioxidants you have in your body, the more your skin will glow!

  • Red in foods may help keep skin firm, bringing that glow within you

Don’t you just love the bright red colour in tomatoes and red peppers? Lycopene is responsible for making food this colour! This antioxidant helps with your skin`s circulation, giving it a refreshing boost, while keeping your skin firm and glowing. Next time you’re in the fruit and veggie aisle, be sure to pick up some strawberries and tomatoes!

  • Blue and purple in food may help as an…

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Get the look: Natural Beach Glamour with Mimi Elashiry

Originally posted on Naturally Beautiful:

Step 1. THE BASE

  • Massage a very small drop (pea size) of Jojoba oil onto the skin to moisturise and prep for makeup. Allow oil to sink in for 5-10 minutes.
  • Apply Ere Perez Natural Oatmilk foundation over the entire face, buff in circular motions using Ere Perez foundation brush for flawless application.

Hot Tip – focus on putting foundation on central areas of the face and blend out towards the sides of face where less coverage is needed.


  • Apply Ere Perez Pure Rice Powder Bronzer, using the darker shade to contour underneath the cheekbone.

Hot Tip – Apply contour shading finger width size for the most natural effect.

  • Use fingers to apply and blend Versatile Vanilla Sun Halo Highlighter on upper cheekbones, down the centre of nose, cupid’s bow and brow bone for that extra dewy glow.

Step 3. THE EYES

  • Apply a light layer…

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Carly Schroeder’s health & beauty secrets

Originally posted on Naturally Beautiful:

Actress Carly Schroeder (25) has been in the spotlight since the age of 3, starring in advertising roles as well as in TV shows, such as Port Charles and General Hospital, Dawson’s Creek and Lizzie McGuire and several films.  She’s a vegan, animal activist and extreme sports advocate, who spends much of her time climbing mountains as a free solo climber, when she’s not running marathons or in the water surfing or paddle boarding.  Here she shares her health and beauty secrets.

What does being naturally beautiful mean to you?

I’m an actress/model and I’m a free solo climber (no ropes) so, I’ve learned that “actress/model pretty” is never natural!  Natural is when I’m rock climbing. You can’t have a ton of makeup on with all the sweat and dirt and rocks falling at you. Natural beauty is the color of your eyes, the sun-kissed glow of your skin, the flushed lip…

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Bronzed Earth-Goddess shoot with Melinda Walters

Originally posted on Naturally Beautiful:

Our beautiful earth provides all the colours we could possibly want in nature. From the rich warm browns and reds of the earth, to greens of the trees and plants, blues, greens and greys of the sky and water and a multitude of colours of flowers and insects, there is so much natural colour to choose from.

Recently the hugely talented husband and wife team, Marcus and Melinda Walters,  shot this amazing bronzed goddess/earth-inspired shoot in a secret Sydney location, using our nature-inspired colour palette.

What was the idea behind the look/shoot?

We wanted to create a bronzed goddess, almost tribal look and chose a model accordingly who had a natural, earthy look with beautiful olive skin. I wanted her to radiate natural beauty and the Ere Perez collection accentuated that perfectly.

The clothing was from my own wardrobe and the jewellery was bits and bobs of vintage pieces that…

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Originally posted on Naturally Beautiful:

Ere Perez Lipstick not only moisturises and nourishes your lips, it also has the ability to enhance your mood, confidence and style – depending on what look and feel you want to create on any given day!

Below is some advice on how to rock a coloured lipstick to brighten things up a little.


Coloured lipstick looks incredible with a flawless fresh face or a soft smoky eye. It’s a super easy way to brighten things up – just add lick of bright red or pink lipstick and your look comes to life!

Colours to try that will add a POP – Ere Perez Rich Olive Oil Lipstick in Fiesta, High Tea, Birthday and Surprise.


Your lipstick does not need to match your top. In fact, it will look even better if the colours contrast a little. Go all out and lighten…

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Join Amber Lawrence to support The Change Angels, July 24th

Amber Lawrence will be the star attraction at The Change Angels’ Live Band Karaoke fundraiser for the Child Protection Unit, Sydney Children’s Hospital, Randwick 

Friday 24th July 2014, 7.30PM  at Coogee Diggers. Buy tickets HERE. 

The award winning singer songwriter and reigning 2015 CMAA Golden Guitar Female Artist of the Year is lending her support to volunteer fundraisers, The Change Angels.

Although Amber Lawrence is preparing for her national tour she will squeeze in a performance to help The Change Angels raise over $20,000 for the Child Protection Unit.

“I just couldn’t refuse to join The Change Angels at their Live Band Karaoke fundraiser to support the Child Protection Unit”, said Ms Lawrence. “The fact I will be singing with a Live Band and not a karaoke machine on the night is a bonus!”

“The statistics are so worrying, with one child dying every two weeks as a direct result of assault in Australia and one in three girls and one in six boys experiencing some form of sexual abuse before the age of 18″.

change angelsThe Change Angels is a volunteer organisation that  works tirelessly to promote child protection with the hope that that they can make a difference in the fight against child abuse and give children the chance to  grow up in a safe and loving environment.

Through their fundraising activity The Change Angels help support the talented and dynamic team in the Child Protection Unit at Sydney Children’s Hospital Foundation, through two programs that directly impact children who’ve been abused and neglected.

Money raised at the LIVE BAND KARAOKE NIGHT on Friday 24th July at Coogee Diggers will help support therapy groups for children and young people who have been sexually abused and also support groups for their parents.

These groups offer a safe place where children and parents deal with trauma in a friendly, non-judgemental environment.

Children and young people learn they are not alone and are listened to and understood by other children, young people and trustworthy adults.

In addition to the program for children and parents, the Occupational Therapy program helps to rehabilitate children in care, whose development has been impaired through the trauma of severe long-term abuse.

Deanne Dale, Clinical Co-ordinator of the Child Protection Unit is incredibly appreciative of the work that The Change Angels do and how their support can help the lives of those people she works with.

“We work at the coalface with some pretty horrifying cases, but we stay strong and focused on supporting the children, young people and their support networks throughout the ordeal”, said Ms Dale.

“We treat children from newborns to 16 year olds and offer them medical treatment, counselling support and ongoing care throughout the crisis of trauma and beyond. When people like The Change Angels come along to support us we feel uplifted and so very grateful. They have already raised over $18,000 for us so far and are committed to raising another $20,000 for us at Live Band Karaoke”, said Ms Dale.

Tickets are selling fast and sold out last year. Ticket price of $75 includes food and one standard drink with all profits going directly to the Child Protection Unit. Tickets cannot be purchased at the door.

Buy your tickets HERE. 

McGrath Coogee, Platinum Pre School and The Manildra Group are the generous sponsors of this event which would not be possible without their support.


Wondrous World of Charlotte

Wondrous Ink’s beautiful personalised children’s books offer group discounts

Calling all mothers groups, infant schools, child care centres, book clubs and playgroups!

Wondrous Ink’s group buying discount gives up to 40% discount on orders of over 10 books, so it’s a great way to club together to buy special presents for all the family,  all your friends’ kids or for fundraising activities for your school, nursery or playgroup.

Now every child in the class or group can have his or her own personalised Wondrous Ink book!

Simply contact Wondrous Ink with your order details and they will get right back to you.

Wondrous World of Charlotte

The Wondrous World of Charlotte

Prince George

The Wondrous World of Prince George


Bessie, BlueBelle and storytime “in the flow”

Just posted on Wondrous Ink Blog, an interview about storytime and life on the road with my gorgeous friend Bessie Bardot and daughter BlueBelle. An inspirational read for all parents.