Eco stylish gift ideas for Christmas

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Give a homewares gift with a conscience

Elegant, unique and eco friendly homewares gifts don’t need to cost the Earth. If you’re stuck for ideas this Christmas, Eco Chic, the online homewares and furniture emporium for the eco stylish, has some really beautiful ideas for the perfect gift with a conscience.

Handmade Istanbul and Agate Coasters

Coasters are a brilliant way to add a bit of colour and style to a room in a very subtle way. They’re also a must have if you want to avoid marking your beautiful furniture.

The Ististanbul_Coastersanbul coaster collection will add a splash of divine international charm to your table. Craftsmen make these beautifully colourful, handmade coasters from tumbled limestone, using designs from ancient Turkish frescoes, transferred onto each piece by hand – which means each coaster is unique. To protect your furniture, the bottoms of these pieces have cork backing. They’re heat…

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