Lashtastic: The New Ere Perez Spectacular Eyelash Curler!

The Word Bird

Get Naturally Spectaculashes!eyelashcurler

Ere Perez Natural Cosmetics, the Australian brand of natural, nourishing and healthy makeup, is famous for its original and best selling product, the Natural Almond Oil Mascara.

The brand has always aspired to creating the best out of natural lashes and now with its amazing new Spectacular Eyelash Curler, lashes will be transformed from naturally beautiful to absolutely spectacular!

Ere Perez prides itself on not only creating the best makeup, but also creating the best tools and the new Spectacular Eyelash Curler is no exception. It looks beautiful and is as effective as it is aesthetic.

With its perfect curve, it will not pinch or pull, but is gentle and easy to use, even for lash curling novices!

Soft and supple, the hypoallergenic state of the art white silicone rubber will treat lashes with the utmost care and sensitivity. The chrome curler is extremely high quality and…

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