Natural Driftwood Festive Decorations

The Word Bird

Celebrate The Perfect Coastal Christmas With Eco Chic

At Eco Chic we love making creative use of all things unloved and washed up! So what better use of Australian driftwood than to create some fabulous festive decorations for a delightfully coastal Christmas?

Christmas doesn’t have to be all shiny and sparkly. In the southern hemisphere, being in summertime, driftwood provides a soft, summery, understated Christmas glamour.

All our Festive Driftwood pieces are made from found pieces of coastal driftwood collected and fashioned into some truly creative homewares and accessories. We love the grey brown hues and rustic texture of this beautiful material. It’s just so Australian!

driftwood_christmas_tree_lrDriftwood Christmas Trees

Standalone Driftwood Tree: Isn’t this just the cutest Christmas tree ever? It’s so pretty and a really useful size, too: At 80cm high by 45cm wide, it’s tall enough to make a statement and small enough to be tastefully subtle! Decorate…

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