New Ere Perez Organic Jojoba Eye Liner Pencils

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EyePencil-Brown--Ere Perez Natural Cosmetics has reformulated its popular natural Jojoba Oil Eyeliner Pencils and now all pencils are made with a blend of organic oils, including jojoba, sweet almond*, sesame* and also plant-derived anti-oxidant, Tocopherol (Vitamin E).

The ultra smooth, super soft, 100% natural pencils glide onto your eyelids to give a really easy, perfect application every time.

A must-have for everyone, these beautiful pencils deliver perfect lines to expertly frame the eyes. In a rich black or a dark chocolate brown, they can also be combined with eye shadow or smudged with Ere’s new Eco Vegan Line & Shade Eye Brush to create a more intense, blended look.

The soothing organic jojoba oil formula contains no nasties, so won’t clog up the roots of lashes or irritate the eyes. Its gentle, lightweight natural formula is excellent for use day or night, on…

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