SIMONE KESSELL: Ere Perez Natural Beauty Ambassador

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IMG_0074Simone Kessell is an acclaimed Australia-based actress, model and television presenter, who was born in New Zealand, but calls Bondi home. She has recently starred in Channel Nine’s ‘Fat Tony & Co’, alongside Josh Hartnett and Neve Campbell in the feature film ‘The Lovers’ and is currently appearing in Channel Ten’s Wonderland.

Simone, who is known for her healthy lifestyle, is the Natural Beauty Ambassador for Ere Perez Natural Cosmetics. Here she talks her beauty regime, and how she tries to blend in healthy living to the daily life as a busy working mum.

What is your daily beauty regime?

I always cleanse morning and night. A light spritz of rose water and a light Summer Moisturizer followed with a tinted SPF 30. At night I use an oil (Rosehip) or richer moisturizer. It just feels right. I only wear foundation if I am working or going out at night. I…

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