TV Chef Manu Feildel reveals his perfect day as a regular Dad

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2012-07-18-Manu-S3-001-667x1000-600x899We know him as a chef and TV personality, but here Manu Feildel tells what he’s like as a regular dad to son, Jonti,10.
MANU FEILDEL is one of Australia’s best known and loved chefs. The host of Channel7 series My Kitchen Rules, has been a feature on Australian television for over a decade.
In 2011 Manu won the 11th series of Dancing with the Stars, showing that he has an array of skills outside the kitchen! He is the author of three successful cookery books and lives in Sydney’s Eastern Suburbs.
C4K: What’s it like being a famous Dad – for you and for Jonti?

MF: Obviously I don’t see myself as a famous dad, just a dad to Jonti. As he’s getting older though, he’s noticing more and more that I get recognised when we’re out. He’s very good about it, but it can be frustrating…

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