New American Glamour Chandeliers by Gypset Cargo

The Word Bird

Bring a little bit of luxury to every home.

Gypset Cargo (formerly Gia Collectione), the Australian homewares label by brilliant lighting designer, Jillian Middleton, has a brand new collection of exquisitely designed, handcrafted chandeliers and pendants to bring a little bit of luxury to every home.

These stunning pendants and chandeliers are inspired by American Glamour and lovingly crafted from natural, recycled or sustainable materials, with every aspect handpicked with Jillian’s keen stylist’s eye for detail.  Whether it’s understated Cape Cod, deliciously decadent Miami or old school Hollywood glamour, there one to suit every space.


Deliciously kitsch and a definite designer piece, this beautiful, painstakingly handcrafted pineapple shaped iron chandelier is available in both gold and white: The gold version screams art deco Miami glamour, while the white is more genteel and understated. This large chandelier will make an unusual, glamorous and delicately beautiful statement in…

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