Meet Beautiful Aussie Actress Zoe Tuckwell Smith

In her interview with Sophie for, Zoe talks about her life, family time and her first year as a mum.
Zoe Tuckwell Smith is one of Australia’s best-loved young actresses. Best known for her leading role in Winners & Losers, she has appeared in many films and TV series including Home & Away, All Saints and thriller, Gone. She lives in Melbourne with actor/director partner Damon Gameau and their one year old daughter, Velvet.
Zoe Tuckwell Smith & Velvet. Photo: Melissa Bergland.
Zoe Tuckwell Smith & Velvet. Photo: Melissa Bergland.

C4K: Your little girl is about to turn one. How has your life changed this year?

ZTS: Magnificently. I never expected to love being a mumma as much as I do. It’s the most joyful I’ve ever felt.

C4K: How do you juggle working as an actress and being a mum?

ZTS: I don’t really. I only went back for a few months after Velvet was born to finish up a job I’d been on for some time. It was really difficult juggling it all. I’m finished now and have taken the rest of the year off to be a mum.

C4K: What sort of child care gets you through the week?

ZTS: When I was working, it was the grandparents. Our baby girl is lucky enough to have seven of them (both our parents divorced and re-partnered). So if you’re ever running short on a doting, loving baby sitter just give us a call. Now that I’m at home though, I just manage on my own or with my man’s help. Our baby girl is pretty content and I love finding ways to keep us both entertained.

C4K: Damon is also in the industry – is that a good or bad thing in terms of co-parenting?

ZTS: It’s excellent. He often works from home as he’s finishing directing his first film. Just knowing he’s in the other room even if he’s busy makes a difference, because I feel like I have company. He pops out for lunch and we chat then he’s back to work. When he goes interstate for work, I come along with bubba as well. She’s a regular little frequent flyer.

C4K: How do you most like to spend family time?

ZTS: Outside in nature. We have an incredible environment where we live. Amazing walks. We head out with Velvet in the carrier and wander in the sun or rain or whatever.

C4K: What are your strengths and weaknesses as a mum?

ZTS: I’m patient and feel like I understand our girl really well. I just get her and she gets me. I’m creative and inventive with games and things to do, that’s the actress in me. My weakness is finding time for myself. I actually don’t crave it like some mums do, so I have to force myself to go and exercise or whatever. I prefer being with Velvet; she’s brought so much joy into our lives.

C4K: What are your wishes for your daughter?

ZTS: For her to feel free and loved. I wish for her whatever she wishes for herself. I trust her completely.

C4K: Tell us about your blog, urthlingz, how it came about and what you hope to achieve with it…

ZTS: It’s just my little outlet really. I don’t know what it is other than my intuition speaking from time to time and a desire to reach people’s hearts. I can feel it evolving organically. I have a sense that more and more my inspiration for it will come from my journey as a mother and the joy of experiencing life in new ways with our girl.

C4K: What’s next for you, Zoe?

ZTS: I’m helping my man, Damon with some recipes for his book and film, ‘That Sugar Film’ and pottering away at urthlingz. Most of all though I’m just relishing time with our baby. She’s one in two weeks and that blows my mind… It’s a wonderful thing.

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