Wondrous Ink’s personalised children’s book “Wondrous World” is an inspiring and heart-warming children’s story that uses each letter of the child’s name to show them why they are so special and unique in the world.

Wondrous Ink books are perfect as gifts, but also as fundraisers and education tools for child care centres and pre-schools and infant schools.

During the story children help a host of colourful characters in different ways, discovering something new about themselves with each interaction, until at the end they realise those same qualities actually spell out their very own name.

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More Than Just A Name

What sets Wondrous Ink books apart from other personalised children’s name books is they not only highlight the child’s name, but also give the child an insight into his or her different personality traits and what makes them who they are. They learn about their name, but also about their uniqueness in the world.

  • Educational – the books teach children aspects of language and life
  • Inspirational – they inspire them to think of different aspects of their name and personality
  • Confidence giving – they boost each child’s confidence by allowing them to feel special
  • Suitable across a range of ages: Language and style is suitable for all ages to end of infant school
  • Unique: Each story is unique, so no two siblings will have the same story

The Child Is The Story:

Every book is handcrafted to be unique to each child. Every letter of the child’s name makes up a part of their story.

They’ll be amazed as they enter their very own Wondrous World and discover what makes them so special.

Continue The Fun Online:

Each book comes with a personal invitation key that the child can use to unlock their very own Wondrous World online and continue their story.

Wondrous Ink books are the brainchild of husband and wife team Michael and Angelica Brittain. The books are hand-drawn by talented Spanish psychologist turned illustrator, Andrea Sanz and stories written by children’s writer and editor, Sarah Khan.

To find out more about the books or test out one for yourself, go to www.wondrousink.com.

RRP £19.99



For more information, photography or comment from Wondrous Ink founder, Michael Brittain, please contact Sophie Cross @ PR Chicks UK – sophie@prchicks.co.uk, 07514 011355.



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