Keeping the ‘tache? Here’s how to nurture it…

We’re almost at the end of Movember, so how many of you newly hirsute men have grown accustomed to your moustaches and want to carry on nurturing them?

Moustaches are IN in a big way, but if you’re not confident in your moustache-wearing or moustache-grooming ability, then Stephen Handisides, male grooming expert and founder of has some tips on how to grow the perfect ‘tache.

If, like many men, you find it hard to actually grow a decent moustache, here are some tips that may (or may not) help!

  1. Daily massage of the moustache area – helps blood flow to those all-important follicles
  2. Allegedly eggs, sardines, liver and onions and chili con carne apparently contain nutrients to make your hair grow…no harm in trying
  3. Use a good moustache oil or even just olive or jojoba oil to ensure both your hair and skin is moisturized
  4. Style with a beard trimmer – don’t try with a normal shaver… you’ll regret it!
  5. Use moustache wax to keep your ‘tache tidy all day long!
  6. Use toothbrush and boot polish or your girlfriend’s mascara or black eyebrow pencil to lightly brush some tiny lines. This gives your ‘tache the appearance of being more bushy and fills in any gaps!
  7. Hair transplant surgery… yes, it’s a thing and yes you can! If your moustache just doesn’t want to grow, have a look at the options at


Official Moustache styles

While there are many more types than these, the World Beard and Moustache Championships 2007 had six sub-categories for moustaches. Which is the best for you?

  1. Dalí – narrow, long points bent or curved steeply upward; areas past the corner of the mouth must be shaved. Artificial styling aids needed. Named after Salvador Dalí.
  2. English moustache – narrow, beginning at the middle of the upper lip the whiskers are very long and pulled to the side, slightly curled; the ends are pointed slightly upward; areas past the corner of the mouth usually shaved. Artificial styling may be needed.
  3. Freestyle – All moustaches that do not match other classes. The hairs are allowed to start growing from up to a maximum of 1.5 cm beyond the end of the upper lip. Aids are allowed.
  4. Hungarian – Big and bushy, beginning from the middle of the upper lip and pulled to the side. The hairs are allowed to start growing from up to a maximum of 1.5 cm beyond the end of the upper lip.
  5. Imperial – whiskers growing from both the upper lip and cheeks, curled upward (distinct from the royale, or impériale)
  6. Natural – Moustache may be styled without aids.

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