Find the best eyeshadow palette for your eye colour

We all want to look naturally beautiful and find the best colours that suit our skin tone. While you probably know the best foundation colour, blush colour or lipstick for your skin tone, do you know the best eyeshadow palette for your eyes?

You may be forgiven for thinking that you should chose eyeshadow tones similar to your eye colour, e.g. brown eyeshadow tones for brown eyes, greens for green etc., but actually it can sometimes have the opposite effect: Just like wearing similar colours to your skin tone, which can make you look washed out; wearing similar eyeshadow tones to your eye colour can dull down eyes, sending them into the background instead of making them pop.

Actually the best colours for your eye colours are the ones you least expect, the opposite to your eye colour.

BROWN: Avoid dark browns if you want your eyes to stand out.  Choose purples/lilacs, bright greens, peaches and copper or rusty browns.

Best Ere Perez creative eye shadow duos: Green & Grin, Better Than Smokey, Without Clothes, From Beginning To End, That’s Hot. 

BLUE:  As with brown eyes, avoid the blues if you want your eyes to pop. Choose greens, khaki, browns, yellowy beiges, oranges and peach.

Best Ere Perez creative eye shadow duos: Green & Grin, Very Important, It’s a Girl, From Beginning to End. 

GREEN: Don’t go with the green if you want your cats eyes to shine. Greens can take purples, lilacs and pinks; lavender blues; reds and coral tones.

Best Ere Perez creative eye shadow duos: I love Vintage, It’s a Girl, That’s Hot, Better than Smokey.



  1. Use Versatile Vanilla Highlighter in Falling Star as an eyeshadow primer to give colours extra brightness.Vanilla-Highlighter
  1. Use Clever Carrot Cheek & Lip balm or Rich Olive Oil Lipsticks as cream eye shadows.
  1. Mix your colours to get the exact one you want: All our creative Chamomile Eye Shadow Duos are designed to be used wet or dry and to be blended. Have fun with a palette and mix them as you would watercolours to greatly increase your range of eye colours and create your perfect blend.


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