Holy Matcha! Have you discovered the wonder tea?

If you ask what are the health benefits of matcha, you may as well just ask what aren’t they! Because frankly matcha tea seems to be the answer to almost everything health-related.  It’s just so incredibly good for you, apparently!   Zen monks have sworn by it for centuries and they live a VERY long and healthy life!

Matcha tea is a type of Japanese green tea that’s been around for thousands of years. A favourite of Zen monks and used in traditional Japanese tea ceremonies, matcha means “ground” and this wonder tea is basically ground into a powder then whipped into a frenzy of fabulous health benefits for drinking and digesting in other ways.

Aside from Matcha tea and Matcha Lattes, Matcha is starting to be used in things like dairy free icecreams, froyos and other sweet treats like brownies.  It’s also great as a face mask – see below.

Why is Matcha so good for you? 

Basically it is the holy grail of antioxidants!  Matcha green tea contains polyphenol compounds called catechins – super antioxidants. Matcha possesses antioxidant levels 6.2 times that of goji berries, 7 times that of dark chocolate, 17 times that of wild blueberries and 60.5 times that of spinach!

Matcha tea is so much more powerful than other green teas, because the entire leaves are dissolved in water rather than steeped in bags, which means that we get all the benefit from antioxidant powers.

Matcha tea’s chlorophyll-rich leaves are steamed, dried and ground into a fine green powder, then mixed with hot water (not boiling) and whisked.

One cup of matcha green tea has as many antioxidants as 10 cups of reguIar green tea!

Health Benefits of Matcha 

  • High in Antioxidants, great for anti-ageing and anti-cancer
  • Apparently enhances calm and a sense of wellbeing and peace
  • Boosts memory and concentration
  • Increases energy levels and endurance
  • Enhances metabolisim/burns calories
  • Detoxifies the body/clears skin – may also help with acne and other skin inflammation
  • Fortifies the immune system/fights disease

Matcha Mask

This really simple face mask will leave your skin looking and feeling fresh, rejuvenated, clear and radiant. It’s really good for acne, greasy skin and general spots.

  • Simply mix a teaspoon of ground Matcha with a teaspoon of runny honey.
  • Mix into a paste
  • Smear all over your face
  • Leave for 15 minutes
  • Rinse with lukewarm water and pat dry.

Tip: Alternatively, you can mix with either pro-biotic yogurt or just with water. 

PHOTO: Thanks to CHANGE CHAI  changechai.com.au,  @changechai01

Written and published for Ere Perez Naturally Beautiful blog. www.erepereznaturallybeautiful.com

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