Look Sharp With Our New 100% Biodegradable Eco Pencil Sharpener

If you’ve been struggling with useless sharpeners that make a mess of your lip and eyeliner pencils rather than sharpen them, then Ere Perez has come to the rescue with our incredible new Eco Sharpener.

What’s the point of buying beautiful cosmetic pencils when you use a substandard sharpener that simply mangles them? Absolutely no point at all – in more ways than one!

Our amazing new Eco Sharpener is unquestionably the best cosmetics pencil sharpener around. It will sharpen your pencils with precision and care and not only that, but it’s completely biodegradable, so you can feel just as good about it when you eventually dispose of it!

The perfect accessory for every cosmetic collection, our new sharpener has a corn-based polylactic[1] (PLA) body that is biologically degradable. The blade is also recyclable and made from the highest quality carbon steel to give your pencils perfect…

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Inspirational Woman: Zoe Tuckwell-Smith

Ahh the lovely Zoe Tuckwell Smith. Check out her interview for ErePerezNaturallyBeautiful blog @ereperezmakeup

Zoe Tuckwell-Smith is one of Australia’s best-loved young actresses. Known for her leading role in Winners & Losers, she has appeared in many films and TV series, including Home & Away, All Saints and thriller, Gone. She lives in Melbourne with actor/director partner Damon Gameau and their one-year-old daughter, Velvet.

Your little girl has just turned one! How has your life changed in a year?

Magnificently. I never expected to love being a mummy as much as I do. It’s the most joyful I’ve ever felt!

How do you juggle working as an actress and being a mum?

I don’t really! I only went back for a few months after velvet was born to finish up a job i’d been on for some time. It was really difficult juggling it all. I’m finished now and have taken the rest of the year off to be a mum.

Are you a…

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New Ere Perez Organic Jojoba Eye Liner Pencils

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EyePencil-Brown--Ere Perez Natural Cosmetics has reformulated its popular natural Jojoba Oil Eyeliner Pencils and now all pencils are made with a blend of organic oils, including jojoba, sweet almond*, sesame* and also plant-derived anti-oxidant, Tocopherol (Vitamin E).

The ultra smooth, super soft, 100% natural pencils glide onto your eyelids to give a really easy, perfect application every time.

A must-have for everyone, these beautiful pencils deliver perfect lines to expertly frame the eyes. In a rich black or a dark chocolate brown, they can also be combined with eye shadow or smudged with Ere’s new Eco Vegan Line & Shade Eye Brush to create a more intense, blended look.

The soothing organic jojoba oil formula contains no nasties, so won’t clog up the roots of lashes or irritate the eyes. Its gentle, lightweight natural formula is excellent for use day or night, on…

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Lashtastic: The New Ere Perez Spectacular Eyelash Curler!

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Get Naturally Spectaculashes!eyelashcurler

Ere Perez Natural Cosmetics, the Australian brand of natural, nourishing and healthy makeup, is famous for its original and best selling product, the Natural Almond Oil Mascara.

The brand has always aspired to creating the best out of natural lashes and now with its amazing new Spectacular Eyelash Curler, lashes will be transformed from naturally beautiful to absolutely spectacular!

Ere Perez prides itself on not only creating the best makeup, but also creating the best tools and the new Spectacular Eyelash Curler is no exception. It looks beautiful and is as effective as it is aesthetic.

With its perfect curve, it will not pinch or pull, but is gentle and easy to use, even for lash curling novices!

Soft and supple, the hypoallergenic state of the art white silicone rubber will treat lashes with the utmost care and sensitivity. The chrome curler is extremely high quality and…

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SIMONE KESSELL: Ere Perez Natural Beauty Ambassador

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IMG_0074Simone Kessell is an acclaimed Australia-based actress, model and television presenter, who was born in New Zealand, but calls Bondi home. She has recently starred in Channel Nine’s ‘Fat Tony & Co’, alongside Josh Hartnett and Neve Campbell in the feature film ‘The Lovers’ and is currently appearing in Channel Ten’s Wonderland.

Simone, who is known for her healthy lifestyle, is the Natural Beauty Ambassador for Ere Perez Natural Cosmetics. Here she talks her beauty regime, and how she tries to blend in healthy living to the daily life as a busy working mum.

What is your daily beauty regime?

I always cleanse morning and night. A light spritz of rose water and a light Summer Moisturizer followed with a tinted SPF 30. At night I use an oil (Rosehip) or richer moisturizer. It just feels right. I only wear foundation if I am working or going out at night. I…

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