Real Entrepreneur?

Should Victoria Beckham really be eligible for the title of UK Entrepreneur of the year? Nikki Britton of Fred and Eve discusses…

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Multi billionaire Henry Kravis describes a real entrepreneur as ‘somebody who has no safety net beneath them’! The word entrepreneur makes you think of a brave, bold individual who has risked everything they have for their belief or passion and their mantra is and always will be ‘fortune favours the brave’!
So my question is simple…..does any of this describe Victoria Beckham ? Of course it doesn’t so why on earth was she given the enviable title of ‘UK’s Entrepreneur of the Year’ ? She has possibly the biggest safety net of any millionaire and has had many ‘passions’ from being a singer to a professional WAG to a designer so which one should she have been given this title for? There is no doubt that she has been instrumental in building one of the biggest celebrity brands in the world and for this she should be applauded but how…

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Ere Perez says NO to Animal Testing in Australia

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At Ere Perez we believe very strongly in the need for a total ban on animal testing for cosmetics.

Last year Cruelty Free celebrated a historic moment as Cruelty Free’s founding organisation, the campaign led by BUAV (British Union for the Abolition of Vivisection) to end animal testing for cosmetics finally came to an end in Europe – with the last phase of the European Union’s ban coming into force.

Now it’s time for Australia to get on board too and recently UK comedian and actor, Ricky Gervais spoke on behalf of the Be Cruelty-Free Australia campaign.

Coordinated by Humane Research Australia and Humane Society International, it is part of the largest campaign in the world to end animal testing for cosmetics such as lipstick and shampoo.

The End Cruel Cosmetics Bill was introduced in March 2014 by Greens Senator Lee Rhiannon, and seeks to ban both cosmetics animal…

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Crazy About Copper!

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EcoChic_828226_PrismaBuffetwithLagosVasesAt Eco Chic we’re crazy about copper!

It’s one of our favourite metals. Colourful, textured and beautiful, in its pure state is incredibly malleable. It’s simply the perfect metal for artisans to work with.

Copper is also very lightweight, corrosion resistant, and weatherproof, so it’s great for all sorts of indoor and outdoor uses.

And like aluminium, this amazing metal is 100% recyclable without any loss of quality. In fact it’s estimated that 80% of the copper ever mined is still in use today.

The beautifully warm tone of copper gives a cosy glow and depth to spaces. It’s a bit of a chameleon and has lots of different colours in its various states; from bright polished orange to burnt dark auburn, brown and blackened and green when it’s used outdoors in the damp.

So whether it’s used as a piece of cookware, decorative plate, pendant or table light or…

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Post Natal Depression and The Baby Blues

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Do you know the difference and could you spot it?

Mental Health Week is a national event, which runs from Oct 5 to 12 and coincides with World Mental Health Day (10 October). The aim is to promote awareness about mental health and wellbeing, and equip people with the right information.

As part of Mental Health Week we have chosen to highlight the issue of Baby Blues and Postnatal Depression. Do you know the difference between Baby Blues and Postnatal Depression? Could you spot depression in yourself, a friend or partner? And if you did, would you know what to do about it?

Being pregnant and giving birth and all that it entails is a hugely emotional and life-changing experience. Hormones are raging, our body is changing and we experience sleeplessness, anxiety, acute tiredness, tearfulness and many other symptoms, which are all perfectly normal with everything that’s going on.


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TV Chef Manu Feildel reveals his perfect day as a regular Dad

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2012-07-18-Manu-S3-001-667x1000-600x899We know him as a chef and TV personality, but here Manu Feildel tells what he’s like as a regular dad to son, Jonti,10.
MANU FEILDEL is one of Australia’s best known and loved chefs. The host of Channel7 series My Kitchen Rules, has been a feature on Australian television for over a decade.
In 2011 Manu won the 11th series of Dancing with the Stars, showing that he has an array of skills outside the kitchen! He is the author of three successful cookery books and lives in Sydney’s Eastern Suburbs.
C4K: What’s it like being a famous Dad – for you and for Jonti?

MF: Obviously I don’t see myself as a famous dad, just a dad to Jonti. As he’s getting older though, he’s noticing more and more that I get recognised when we’re out. He’s very good about it, but it can be frustrating…

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Eco stylish gift ideas for Christmas

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Give a homewares gift with a conscience

Elegant, unique and eco friendly homewares gifts don’t need to cost the Earth. If you’re stuck for ideas this Christmas, Eco Chic, the online homewares and furniture emporium for the eco stylish, has some really beautiful ideas for the perfect gift with a conscience.

Handmade Istanbul and Agate Coasters

Coasters are a brilliant way to add a bit of colour and style to a room in a very subtle way. They’re also a must have if you want to avoid marking your beautiful furniture.

The Ististanbul_Coastersanbul coaster collection will add a splash of divine international charm to your table. Craftsmen make these beautifully colourful, handmade coasters from tumbled limestone, using designs from ancient Turkish frescoes, transferred onto each piece by hand – which means each coaster is unique. To protect your furniture, the bottoms of these pieces have cork backing. They’re heat…

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Natural Driftwood Festive Decorations

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Celebrate The Perfect Coastal Christmas With Eco Chic

At Eco Chic we love making creative use of all things unloved and washed up! So what better use of Australian driftwood than to create some fabulous festive decorations for a delightfully coastal Christmas?

Christmas doesn’t have to be all shiny and sparkly. In the southern hemisphere, being in summertime, driftwood provides a soft, summery, understated Christmas glamour.

All our Festive Driftwood pieces are made from found pieces of coastal driftwood collected and fashioned into some truly creative homewares and accessories. We love the grey brown hues and rustic texture of this beautiful material. It’s just so Australian!

driftwood_christmas_tree_lrDriftwood Christmas Trees

Standalone Driftwood Tree: Isn’t this just the cutest Christmas tree ever? It’s so pretty and a really useful size, too: At 80cm high by 45cm wide, it’s tall enough to make a statement and small enough to be tastefully subtle! Decorate…

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Wild About Wicker!

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Get this fabulously fun and fruity look with dip-coloured wicker pendant lights

dipped_basket_pendantsA lot of crafty seventies interiors trends are making a comeback at the moment and at Eco Chic we’re wild about wicker!  One of our obsessions is pendant lights.  In a kitchen, dining room, living room, hallway, kids room…we can’t get enough of them, so combining pendants with a fun take on retro wicker is win-win in our book!

These wicker style rattan baskets have been cleverly “upcycled” into warm and textural pendant lights and come in a delicious assortment of dipped colours to put a little bit of colour and personality into your home.

_U6C3664The fun and fruity pendants belong anywhere from the dining room to the children’s room. We put the Citron in TV presenter, Shelley Craft’s dining room, to give it that extra special touch of zesty life for her Byron home.

As far as…

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