Unique opportunity: Fabulous Lecrin Valley hideaway with amazing views to the lake!

Unique opportunity: Fabulous Lecrin Valley hideaway with amazing views to the lake!… fancy your own little Lecrin Valley hideaway in the beautiful countryside just south of Granada? Then read on…!

At Home in Andalusia

Secluded country houses in the Lecrin Valley that are properly registered, renovated, lived in and much loved are highly sought-after and very rare…

Those that have incredible views over lake Beznar are even rarer; which is why we are very excited to present a fantastic opportunity for you to purchase this amazing country property, new to the market.

The super-peaceful location just outside of the village of Chite, offers all the tranquility you need, yet it is still within easy reach of the village and all the local amenities of Talara.

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Opportunity to buy your brand new, dream home in Denia

Fancy buying yourself a brand new Ibiza style Spanish holiday home (or permanent home) in the beautiful and buzzing Costa Blanca town of Denia? Of course you do! CGI image of garden and view to the sea This fantastic property, located in a quiet street on the foothills of the Montgo is on a plot... Continue Reading →

New to the market – beautiful bolthole in the heart of Restabal 

Latest property write up for a wonderful bolt hole in the Lecrin Valley, southern Spain…

At Home in Andalusia

If you’re looking for a bolthole to escape to in our lovely part of the world, then we have just the property for you! New to the market is this super cute village house, right in the middle of Restabal, one of the most lively villages of the Lecrin Valley, with plenty to do and surrounded by idyllic countryside. 

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Inspirational Woman: Olivia Wollenberg

Olivia Wollenberg is a British foodie blogger, best-selling author and super force behind Livia’s Kitchen. Having been diagnosed with severe food intolerances, Olivia turned her desire for “f… Source: Inspirational Woman: Olivia Wollenberg

Inspirational Vegan: James Aspey

James Aspey is one of Australia’s best known vegans.  Having beaten cancer, he decided to get healthy and went vegetarian. His journey led him to become vegan, and to his Voiceless365 campaign for which he took a year’s vow of silence in support of voiceless animals. Here he tells us about his journey and life as a... Continue Reading →

Holy Matcha! Have you discovered the wonder tea?

If you ask what are the health benefits of matcha, you may as well just ask what aren’t they! Because frankly matcha tea seems to be the answer to almost everything health-related.  It’s just so incredibly good for you, apparently!   Zen monks have sworn by it for centuries and they live a VERY long and healthy life!... Continue Reading →

20 life skills all kids should have by 16

In this digital, convenience-centric and consumable age, children are spending more and more time in front of screens and less time with parents, learning manual, useful life skills that will help them to live independently (hence they don’t leave home until they’re well into their 20s or later!). Consequently, skills we all took for granted as... Continue Reading →

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle: International Day of Recycling

May 17th is the International Day for Recycling. It’s an important day to be environmentally aware and recall the strategy of Reduce, Reuse and Recycle. It’s amazing that some people still can’t be bothered to recycle or don’t believe it’s worth doing. It’s also ridiculous that we produce so much that can’t be recycled, or... Continue Reading →

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